Joining a club.

Recently, over the past four to six months, a number of individuals have contacted me in regard to joining the club. Whilst it is always gratifying to receive a request for a potential new member to the shooting sports. An email requesting details of location, opening times, and in one case members details, from an unknown individual off the internet, causes me some concern.

I have no way of knowing if these contacts are from genuine individuals, some criminal, or, for that matter, an authority member checking up to ensure that the club complies with the regulations. As we always abide by the law, and regulations, laid down by the Home Office, in conjunction with the clubs own bye-laws regarding security, the procedure we use is tried and tested.

However, the responses I have received from some of these individuals borders upon the offensive. The most abuse, was received from an alleged, shotgun certificate holder, who did not wish to complete an application form, as they already had a licence.

So please, if you would like to join ours, or, any other rifle club, be aware that the person you are contacting, via email, does not know who you are. They are responsible for the well being and security of the club, and work within the framework of regulations issued by the Home Office.

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