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This site, hopefully, should enable you if you are interested in any shooting sport. Whilst we wish to help promote our club with its long history, in these hoplophobic days, we feel it is in the interest of all concerned to be active to some degree in as many areas as possible. Currently we have a 10 metre air pistol, 25 yard prone indoor and 3 position indoor and standing Light-weight Sporting Rifle. Outdoor we have a 50m and 100yd range, which is also rented to other clubs and associations for competitions. We are also pleased to be assisting the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (B.A.S.C) with their regional shooting education classes and proficiency tests. When I first started to shoot there was snobbery and a reluctance to accept young or inexperienced shooters, which unfortunately is still common today. Young shooters, no matter which genre of the sport they decide to participate in are the future of our sport and should be assisted in any way possible. To this end we do all we can to help new shooters with advice or supply contacts to those who have the required knowledge. In the links area you will find a political link (more as they become known). Gun issues affect all of us in the shooting sports and our sport is ultimately governed not by the B.A.S.C, Countryside Alliance (C.A.), N.R.A, C.P.S.A or N.S.R.A. but by the politicians of the day. However, none of these and other organisations can do anything without your active support. If you own a gun make your voice heard by contacting your M.P. and more importantly, supporting one or more of the associations fighting for your chosen sport. For details of a club near you contact the National Small-bore Rifle Association, e-mail: info@nsra.co.uk

This club is Home Office approved, and as such, there are procedures laid down in law, and guidelines, for obtaining membership to such clubs.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. My name is William Walters and I live in West Chiltington. I used to be a member of the club for many years in the past, and I would like to ask if its possible to re-join the club once again. I would like to point out however that due to both age and disability (i have a broken spine) i am no longer able to shoot in the prone position, Nd that I would need either a chair or a level table like surface to stand up against and lean on. I own a fully licensed .22 Anshultz rifle and I am acquainted with the rules and etiquettes of a rifle club although my memory may be rather rusty. Please advise of the name and telephone number of your membership secretary to discuss my suitability as a new member.
    I await your reply in due course.
    Yours faithfully,

  2. Really sorry to hear you can’t receive application for membership at the moment, may I rely on you to message me as soon as your able to accept my application. My contact details are as follows:

    I look forward to hearing from you again very soon.


    • I have taken your details, and removed them from the reply. You never know who’s out there. Keep looking at the web site for updates, but I will endeavor to get back to you prior to general applications being accepted again.

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