Downloads & Forms.

Application for club membership adjusted to comply with current amended legislation 1.01 FRC Application Updated 2020

Outdoor range attendance log 5.0 Outdoor Attendance Log

Home office approval of clubs. A newer version is due out at some point this year. Old Version 1998

This is the latest Home Office guidance on firearms security, a must download to ensure compliance Firearms Security Handbook 2019

The latest edition of Home office guidance on firearms licensing laws, everyone should have a copy of this document. April 2016 Edition.

This is the current version of the clubs General Data Protection Regulations Privacy Policy. GDPR statement.


Please find below links to forms and notes to submit for possession of a shotgun or rifle. Please make sure that you read the notes before completing the forms. the completed forms should be forwarded to your local police force.

New Grant/renewal form This includes all the necessary notes required.

Application for a Variation Please note that a Variation Form must be completed prior to any gun being purchased or replaced.

2 thoughts on “Downloads & Forms.

  1. Good afternoon,

    My 15 year old son is keen to learn more about rifle shooting and has rea h the limits of our garden and air rifle. Would it be possible to pop along one evening and have a look around?

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