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  1. Just to say I had a note from Robin Hawes containing your very succinct letter on the subject of Clause 81.
    I have signed immediately! As usual, we, the general populace. are being led into a trap of our own complacency. I am acutely conscious of how out of touch the government was after the Crimean War, and the subsequent, marvellous, birth of the Volunteer Rifle Movement, and the popular creation of Volunteer Rifle Regiments.
    The further creation of Combined Cadet Forces which started in our Public Schools, and trickled down to hundreds and hundreds of other like minded institutions contributed mightily to the fabric of ‘National Defence’. The mechanism of an almost instant ‘call up’ process, dovetailed to regular friendly rifle and pistol practice, by Civilian clubs meant that at the beginning of W.W.1. and W.W.2.. we had in place many citizens proficient with weapons handling.
    With the fabric of the armed forces seriously depleted over the last 50 years, and an increasing nanny state, with the passing of this projected new legislation, we will be placed in the invidious position of being a hostage to fortune like never before.
    If that happens, then whatever nasty shocks come along, and as sure as eggs are eggs, some particularly nasty shocks are on the horizon already, they will engulf us almost to the point of extinction, and we will be incapable of defending ourselves.
    This whole notion being put forward by the Government should be firmly stamped as ‘B.I.L.G.E.’ and should be kicked into touch.
    This stands for ‘Bilndingly Idiotic Laws Guaranteeing Effrontery’ !!

    Wishing you the very best of luck

    Edited to remove identifying information.

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