Logging at the range.

The estate have logging contractors in at present, and whilst the club was aware that access would be through the range gate, and a wider gate installed for the lorry to be able to get in,  it was thought for access only. As it turns out, due to ground conditions, the lumber will be stacked at the range in the gate area.

We understand from the estate that all the wood has now been cut, and the majority of the timber will be collected as soon as possible. The timber that is furthest from the gate, will be left stacked for approximately 6 months, before being collected. we also understand that the contractors will be tidying up the parking area at some point.

I do appreciate that at present it is more than a bit muddy, but on the upside, some of the trees that have been cleared, have opened up the area to let in more light. Some of the trees that were on the edge have been removed and when the wood piles have gone, this should enlarge the parking area a bit.

The downside to this is that the firing point is now more visible from the road, to the point that the firing line will be clearly visible. So if you can put your thinking caps on and come up with an environmentally acceptable, cost effective solution to closing this area off from the road until the trees start to grow again, and we can lay them to form a hedge, I would be grateful.

If you have any concerns in the meantime please let me know, and thank you for bearing with us during this short period of inconvenience.




One thought on “Logging at the range.

  1. Went past on Monday 20th and as you say very muddy and access via the side entrance to the firing point is difficult due to amount of wood stacked up close to it. They don’t appear to have cut any major trees in the area between the road and the range but when the wood stacks are removed the entrance will as you say be more open.

    Hopefully if the contractors tidy up the entrance and parking area as promised (removing the mud and soil on top of the solid under layer) it will be better than it was in the past in the winter months. Will the double gate remain or will it revert back to just the old single one I wonder.

    Hopefully going to be shooting there this week – good boots needed.

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