Working party

We will be holding a working party for the outdoor range on Sunday 10th, June. Due to the inclement weather that we have had over the last month or so this is later than normal. Therefore I would ask you that if you are shooting in the intervening period and the ferns have sprung up, please do not cut them down. Please either pull them up, not advisable without leather gloves or shoot from another firing point. Cutting them down, especially with a lawn mower only makes things worse at a later date and will undermine all the works that have gone before in attempting to take control over this pernicious weed.

Once again, thanks to previous effort by members there is not a lot of major work to be undertaken. That said if there are chainsaw owners available; please contact me as there will be some work for you if you can make it. Other jobs will require normal hand tools such as rakes, loppers etc., there is a large pile of gash wood to be gotten rid of. There is some small amount of repair work needed on the 50mt. butts and some at 100yd butts, materials for this will be provided.

I do hope that you will be able to attend. Start time to be about 10:30a.m regardless of the weather.

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