Medical Pro-Forma.

As some of your already know, and more of you will find out, a medical records pro forma is being demanded by the police for your certificate renewals. There is still much debating going on between the shooting organisations, the police, and the British medical council, as to who should pay for this pro forma to be processed. Not so long ago it was thought an agreement had been reached with the B.M.C to undertake the work at a set fee. The B.M.C subsequently reneged on this agreement, and stated it was up to individual doctors, or, surgery’s whether to undertake the work, and how much they would charge for the service.

We are now in a position where the fees for this, in the vast majority of cases, a signature on the bottom of the form, is costing more than the renewals. I have knowledge of surgeries charging from £85, to over £400. That is also if they decide to complete the form, which they are under no obligation to do. A failure to have this form could result in your certificates being delayed at best, and at worst being refused.

Recently I had to undergo such an application for my renewal. Being a member of many shooting rights organisations, some of whom reference a company called MedCert, so I thought I’d give it try in the name of research. Organisations such as B.A.S.C, Countryside Alliance, etc. do offer a discount to members who use the service. MedCert’s online application process was simple to complete, and the payment process was equally uncomplicated. Once all the information has been processed, you are given a reference number, along with the option of having a reminder sent next time round. The process takes from six weeks to complete depending upon circumstances.

The process has now been fully completed, and would suggest that if you are having to renew your certificate at any time, give them a try. Click on MedCert to go to their website, or, there is a link in the links section

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