Firearms licensing.

Please find below details of my communication sent to Priti Patel at the Home Office. In the current circumstances many licensees will find themselves falling foul of the law for reasons beyond their control. I feel that this should be addressed by all our organisations, whether you are affiliated or not. Your help in spreading the word to your M.P,, the Home Office, or, any shooting organisation that you belong to would be appreciated.
May I respectfully request that in the current medical emergency, the Home Office should advise all firearms licensing authorities, to extend the validity of those license holders whose license is set to expire before the end of July for a period of six months from expiration date? This extension to be reviewed, should the medical emergency still be ongoing.
As you are aware, when licenses are renewed the applicant grants permission for the authorities to contact the applicants medical practitioner in order for a medical background check. At this point in time the medical services are stretched, without this added duty being asked of them.
The licensees are already in possession of firearms, and have undergone the necessary checks when their license was granted originally. A short extension, with a review when circumstances allow, would not affect the public safety aspect of the licensing system.

In line with the government guidelines of not vacating your property unless absolutely necessary, the site visits to licensee’s premises would be avoided. Additionally, this would enable the all the public services to concentrate their efforts on the medical emergency.

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