Subscription renewals.

OK! Thank you to everyone who took the time and replied in plenty of time. Over the weekend I will be starting the process of issuing the new membership cards.

For those who did not get around to it, and wish to use the facilities of the club, you will now have an additional late joining fee, as detailed on your renewal notice sent out 2 months ago, to pay.

As usual, anyone found using the clubs facilities, without membership will be at best removed from the premises, and may find themselves being prosecuted for firearms offences. By way of cross checking possible infringements, those taking part in the summer competitions, will have their names checked against the membership roll, and random checking through the week will occur.

As usual, if you bring food, drink or other packaging with you to the range, please take it away with you. Leaving your rubbish behind is against the clubs bye-laws and you may face suspension or removal from its membership. I am fully aware that it is only a few who do leave their rubbish behind, but they are setting a precedent which will not be tolerated.

To everyone, thanks for joining again this year. I look forward to seeing you at some point during the season.

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