Clause 81

Clause 81‏ is, in a nutshell the current administration trying to pass legislation that would remove the need for consultation from interested parties when creating new firearms legislation, the home office would only consult with the police.

There is a bit of reading, so I’ve tried to put it in an order so that you don’t need to read things twice.

1/ UK shooting news, their report gives more detail on the matter. CLICK HERE

2/ Guide to firearms licensing laws. CLICK HERE note: you really should download this everytime they change it.

3/ The police and crime bill. CLICK HERE The page you need is page 84.

4/ Explanatory notes on the bill. CLICK HERE The bottom of page 107 & the top of page 108.

5/ The online petition. CLICK HERE

There is one heck of a lot of information to disseminate, but should you decide not to read it all, fine, but please sign the petition. Failure to act at this stage may well see the end of private firearms ownership in the UK.

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