Now I am fully aware that there are many, many shooters out there who do not shoot at live quarry, I have no problem with this, each to their own. But this is about much more than hunting or game shooting. If you possess anything from an air pistol upwards, including antique and deactivated firearms, you really do need to be onboard with this campaign.

The website launched by the Countryside Alliance, who are the enablers, are drawing support for this issue from all organisations with an interest in addressing the EU firearms proposals. The main push is coming from FACE UK. FACE is a Europe wide organisation promoting all shooting and the shooting sports. Other members are from the shooting industry and other associated countryside activities. It is worth noting that at this time of writing, neither the NRA (GB), NSRA ior CPSA are given as being part of the group. Let us hope that the NRA are not going to treat this in the same manner that they treated pistol shooters in the 1990’s. These three organisations need to get their cumulative force of membership behind this, to prove shooting is moving forward with a single goal; and are not prepared to sacrifice some, so the remaining few can continue to shoot.

This link Website to lobby MEP’s will take you to the page for more information. Do get involved in this very important campaign, the future is at stake for all shooting in the whole of the EU. It is being presented as a public safety issue, and none of the proposals would make any difference to past atrocities committed by terrorists, but as usual it will have a huge impact on honest, law abiding members over the whole of the EU.

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