Petition your M.P.

There have been a number of petitions circulating in recent months to do with shooting and the shooting sports, and really it’s up to you whether you join in the fray or  not. But this one, organised by the Countryside Alliance is a must Petition Here.

This new set of guidelines to search and check security of all licence holders is open to abuse, with the result that law abiding members of society are once again “guilty until proved innocent”. there will be certain forces, already opposed to civilian possession of any firearms, that will use this to their advantage. Heated argument in your road, good cause, fight at the local pub, good cause, or any other reason that may turn up, could be used as a reason for an unannounced search. So in an effort to stop this infringement and abuse of power it is beholden upon you to sign up today!

UPDATE! Thanks to everyone who contacted their M.P. and took an active roll in making our feelings known on this issue. Rather than write a lengthy article the link to the Western Morning News details the move adequately. All gun owners should be getting a letter from the police detailing their new approach.

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