Better late than never.

Well right towards the end of the shooting disciplines the BBC did offer coverage over their terrestrial TV network, I was informed that a lot of the shooting had been available on BBC Sport, but living in a rural community with not the best internet connection, watching this was, to say the least, difficult. But we should be grateful for the coverage that did eventually arrive onto our T.V screens, I was able to see this as I popped out from work and visited the local electrical store and they kindly allowed me to watch the unfolding, nail biting finals. I did try to find the finals repeated later when I got home, but either I missed them or they were not repeated.

So I would like to say; BBC 4/10; Could do considerably better. And to all the shooters of the home countries, VERY well done! you have shown that shooting is a serious sport, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around the nation and without your dedication and continued support, the gold medal tally would be considerably diminished, not to mention the silver and bronze tally. Once again well done to all our shooters that took part, you’ve done us proud!

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