Also, let’s not forget.


Good-bye, Old Man
A soldier’s farewell to his horse

Good-bye, old man; we’ve fought our last together,
You’ve struggled bravely, but you’ve got to die!
Old man, it almost breaks my heart to leave you,
Without one other word, except “Good-bye”.

Good-bye, old man; we’ve kept up well together,
And always shared whatever’s come our way,
We came to help old Britain fight the Germans,
And up to now we’ve kept ’em well at bay.

Good-bye, old man; I know you’re going to suffer,
For there are great tears in your eyes,
I wish you understood that ’tis for Britain
That every hero fights, and bleeds, and dies!

Good-bye, old man; you won’t be here much longer,
You’ve got to go, old man, and go alone,
We’ve always had our troubles both together,
And life won’t seem the same when you are gone!

Good-bye, old man; I wish that you could answer,
And tell me all your brown eyes try to say.
You know, old man, I’ve seen a lot of suffering,
But never felt just like I feel to-day.

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