Outdoor range gardening.

There is some general tidying up to undertake at the outdoor range and with this in mind, I have scheduled a working party for Sunday 25th May. Start time will be around 10am for a couple of hours at the outside. If you are able to attend you will need to bring loppers, cutters, saws, chainsaw, if you have one, with protective equipment, gloves for pulling the bracken, and any garden tools you think may be of use. Please do not forget to mark your tools in some manner, as one shovel looks much like another.

Mr. Payne and non member, Mr. Mullins took it upon themselves to remove the foliage and tidy up the coppised area behind the butts, which will enable more light to be let through onto the targets. The club sends out a big thank you to both of these shooters for their contribution in the upkeep of the range.

I am aware that the roof over the firing point has been severely damaged by the winter winds, steps are afoot to to remedy this situation, so in the mean time if you could bear with us until we are able to rectify the situation it would be appreciated. What is certain is that the new covering will not be felt as it is at present, but hopefully some longer term and more secure solution.

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