Yearly subscriptions

Well I’m afaraid it’s that time of year again, so two things need to be said. Firstly due to the usual Christmas rush, I’m a little behind this year in sending out the renewals. And secondly, which is more important, Her Majesties constabulary are becoming increasingly enthusiastic, especially at F.A.C renewal time, in checking up on members attendance records at the club. So, as the year is drawing to a close, if you haven’t attended the ranges this year, time is running out.

Full members: Need to show attendance at least once a year, and if you have rifles on your license which are granted to you because you are a member of the club, each of these rifles will need to be entered on your attendance register at least three times within a twelve mont period

Outdoor only members: Need to show attendance to the range at least once a year. The self regulating log issued to you also confirms that you were in attendance on the day tour cards were shot. these logs should be returned each year with your renewal subscriptions.

All members who fail to comply with the guidelines, failing to show attendance, will have their details supplied to the relevant authorites as the guidlines demand. This is time consuming to say the least, but more importantly, failing to comply may cost you your license.

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