Club A.G.M.

Minutes of M.J.M.R.C. Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 31st March 2010.

Meeting convened at 19:30 hrs.

Those present were; Chairman: Robert Ide, Vice Chairman: Mike King, Treasurer: Colin Cleaver, Hon. Sec.: Sean Ide, Committee members: Barbara Ide, Juniors Representative: Matthew Wilton, Club members: Gerhard Moser, Malcolm Hobdell, William Welch, Andy Collins and Club archivist: Anne Wilton.
1. Apologies for absence were received from Sir Brian Bartelott, John Booker, John Cooper, Cyrilla Labeij, Peri Karageorgopolous, Daniel Kavanagh, Jay Forsyth, Oliver Forsyth, June Brewer, Tony Brewer, Lyndsey Welch, Alex Welch, Daniel Kirkby, Tony Kirkby, Lucy Kirkby and Karen Carter.
2. After a brief interlude to allow those present to read the minuets of the last meeting, they were accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting. Acceptance of these minuets was proposed by Mrs. Barbara Ide and seconded by Mr. Mike King. They were duly signed by the chairman and the secretary.
3. Matters arising.

There were no matters arising from the minuets.

4. Secretary’s Report 2009-2010
This year I did not prepare a report and this year I have not done so. I have spoken to secretaries of other clubs and there is a common thread in all their responses. Due to the current economic climate and other factors they along with Fittleworth are finding it difficult to get members to take part in competitions either internal, W.W.S.S.B.R.A or Sussex County. This combined with a short fall of commitment to undertake duties within the club and other club matters. Whilst I understand as well as anybody these difficult circumstances, all the work not done is landing up on the secretaries’ desk i.e. me. If the situation carries on like this, which is borne out by the fact that there is hardly anyone here tonight, the committee and membership need to show more commitment, otherwise this and other clubs will lose their secretary.

With regard to Fittleworth, all our members have chosen to join the club to undertake this sport but if the officers of the club and its membership do not support their club then it will fold. Recently we have had competitions posted on the notice board, some for five or six months, and yet when the last days for entry arrive no-one has signed up for them. I then chase round and cajole members into taking part in the competitions; I should not have to do this. So from now on I will not be pursuing people to take part in competitions, if no-one takes part then that’s fine. All secretaries’ jobs are to undertake and act upon the membership’s wishes and requests. This year I have had two request, neither to do with shooting, mean while the rest are happy to let things just roll along. We still have a vacancy for the I.R.M.O., everyone should want to keep the range clean and tidy and yet no-one has come forward and I or Anne end up cleaning and tidying away. I am no longer prepared to keep doing this whilst others do nothing.

That’s my little gripe over with. As far I can see the club is doing well and in the competitions that we cajoled people to take part in those individuals are doing well. For such a small club we do punch well above our weight with our shooters normally wining or being placed in the top three. I have no further details regarding our shooters endeavours as the competition secretary is not here and I have not received apologies for absence or his report. Hopefully we will still be here next year and there will be something more positive to say.

Chairman responds to the secretaries’ report. “I would like to back Sean in what he has just said. When Babs and I were running the range in the absence of any others it was very hard to get members to participate. Since Sean has taken the reins the club is doing well and I hope you will all help as much as you can”.

5. Treasurers Report.
As the clubs accounts are not audited, the meeting is presented with a balance sheet. The accounts ledger is presented to an independent witness to verify the details therein and the resultant sheet submitted for acceptance by those present at the AGM. The accounts ledger is available for anyone to look at.

The income and expenditure for the club is stable and it would appear that it will remain so over the next twelve months. I therefore recommend that there be no increase in the membership fees.

The club received a significant refund from Southern electric on the estimated metre readings which has helped in reducing the electrify bill this year.

We purchased a left hand B.S.A rifle for £50 complete with sights for any left handed shooters.

The hiring of the outdoor range by B.A.S.C. has definitely helped the income of the club this year to the tune of £650.00.

Finally the clubs financial situation is satisfactory but we must not get complacent.

The treasures report is a statement of income and expenditure and covers the period from 01/01/09-31/12/09

Last year ’08 This year ‘09

Total income £ 5174.00 £ 5.60.88

Total expenditure £ 4196.80 £ 2943.73

Stock in hand ammo. £ 1154.00 £ 1477.00

Bank charges £ 0.00 £ 0.00

31/12/08 31/12/09 +/-

Current account £ 3458.78 £ 5745.42 £ 2286.64

31/12/08 31/12/09 +/-

Deposit account £ 742.93 £ 743.38 £ 0.45

The figures as presented to the meeting were proposed to be accepted by Mr. Gerhard Moser, seconded by Mrs. Barbara Ide and accepted by all those present.

6. Team captains’ reports, pistol & rifle.

Team’s captain: Colin Davis.

Not in attendance and no report forwarded.

Junior’s rep: Matthew Wilton.

The juniors have had a good year with Lizzie Cleaver, William Cleaver and me taking part in a number of competitions, Lizzie and I won our 50mt divisions and I also won my 100yd division. We attended the finals day for Worthing and west Sussex. William came second in the Chanctonbury cup, Lizzie got a second in the ladies cup, and I did not have a good day!

I would like to congratulate William for his shooting over the past year and in getting his average up.
7. Election of officers.

There being no objects from the existing committee regarding their re-election to office and no proposals for prospective new committee members. A proposal to re-elect the existing committee en-bloc was proposed by the secretary. The existing committee was re-elected en-bloc by unanimous agreement by those present.

President: Sir Brian Bartelott

Chairman: Bob Ide

Vice Chairman: Mike King

Treasurer: Colin Cleaver

Secretary: Sean Ide

Pistol Captain: Rifle Captain: Competition secretary: Colin Davis

Ladies Capt.: Vacant

Committee members: Barbara Ide. John Gilbertson.

O.R.M.O.: Karen Carter

Juniors Rep.: Matthew Wilton.

I.R.M.O.: Vacant

8. Any other business.

Ms. Karen Carter asked whether the club could purchase a small lawn mower to assist in the maintenance of the grass and bracken at the outdoor range.

The request has been made in the past and whilst it is a worthy request there is nowhere to keep the machine when not in use. This and the mowing of the bracken, which when cut sprouts from the small pieces left on the ground and it has slowly encroached on the range since this method of control was first tried. Therefore, we will with the help of Mr. John Robbins who sprays the bracken every August and those of us who pull the weed, continue with this method of control. Should the rabbits fail to at enough grass then arrangements will be made to obtain from a member a mower to clear the offending area.

Mr. Gerhard Moser asked if we advertised in any magazines as he found our details in the Storrington village magazine.

Hon Sec replied that the club was listed on the Fittleworth parish magazine and with Chichester library but that was all as far as he was aware. However, a lot of these magazines place adverts in more than one areas edition.

Mr. William Welch asked if the club would support his team again in the any sights competition run by the N.S.R.A.

Hon sec replied that after doing such a sterling job last year the club would support his team’s efforts shooting under the Fittleworth club name.
9. Presentation of trophies.

The Christmas shoot was not well attended this due to many unforeseen circumstances and was again organised by the junior’s rep, Matthew Wilton. As the shoot was not well attended and those that took part were not present there was no presentation to be made. Those that did win a trophy will have them presented when they attend next on a normal shoot night.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 20:17


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