PETA, no family ethic!

They call themselves People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, but the media doesn’t tell you that this multi-national organization has no ethics when it comes to family values.

These animal rights extremists have shown their anti-family core by a gross effort to indoctrinate our schoolchildren with the comic book, Your Mommy Kills Animals.

They want to end all hunting, fishing, animal research, drug testing, circuses and rodeos. They are well financed and highly organized. And they’re out to brainwash our kids.

PETA fliers even go so far as to warn children to “… keep your doggie or kitty friends away from Mommy – She’s an animal killer.”

That’s outrageous. And it’s sick.

Dr. Carolyn Newberger, a noted child psychologist, was right when she said, “It’s using children in the worst possible way… targeting children and making them feel their mothers are murderers is absolutely unconscionable.”

But where is the media outrage over PETA’s disgusting effort to pit children against their own mothers? Reporters too bent on maintaining their political correctness remain cowardly silent.

The real truth the media ignores is that, when it comes to ethics, PETA comes up short.

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