New Ruger 10/22

Well here is yet another version of the 10/22, it seems there is no end to its flexibility. This one may appeal to those of you that live in towns or cities, where carrying a long bag looking gun shaped, may draw attention. This new offering should fit within a number of other carrying bags, that are not rifle shaped.

Back in the USA, where it would not be a problem, in general, to go hiking, and have a firearm. You may have it for protection, or, getting supper, either way a single long unit would be awkward to carry. This new Ruger 10/22 is what’s called a take-down version, and collapses to a manageable size to be put in a ruck sack or back pack.

It is not the first to be configured in this way. one of the earliest was the AR-7 survival, which could all fit inside its’ stock. It was developed in 1959, and was adopted by the US air-force, and was issued to crew as a survival tool.

Check it out HERE.

Some additional information on the AR format, from AR-5, to James Bond, Vietnam, and finally to Americas most popular modern sporting rifle. From our good friends at the N.S.S.F.

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