Subscription renewals!

Update: Any subscriptions not received by today are deemed to have lapsed. For all the rest of you, thank you for renewing, and I will be doing the paperwork this coming weekend, so your new cards should be with you by the 21st of the month. If you have not received it by then please let me know.

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to send in their logs, and renewal fees. there are still a few out there that I have not heard from yet. Please try to get your payments to me in the next two weeks or so, before memberships lapse.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon, and good luck for the rest of the season!

Petition your M.P.

There have been a number of petitions circulating in recent months to do with shooting and the shooting sports, and really it’s up to you whether you join in the fray or  not. But this one, organised by the Countryside Alliance is a must Petition Here.

This new set of guidelines to search and check security of all licence holders is open to abuse, with the result that law abiding members of society are once again “guilty until proved innocent”. there will be certain forces, already opposed to civilian possession of any firearms, that will use this to their advantage. Heated argument in your road, good cause, fight at the local pub, good cause, or any other reason that may turn up, could be used as a reason for an unannounced search. So in an effort to stop this infringement and abuse of power it is beholden upon you to sign up today!

UPDATE! Thanks to everyone who contacted their M.P. and took an active roll in making our feelings known on this issue. Rather than write a lengthy article the link to the Western Morning News details the move adequately. All gun owners should be getting a letter from the police detailing their new approach.

He’s done it again!

Two years later, and just shy of his 90th birthday, the Mounteney Jephson Memorial Rifle Club’s oldest member has done it again. During the summer, in the Sussex county lightweight sporting rifle competition, John Gilbertson again emerged triumphant in his division of this growing, highly disciplined and competitive sport. All the members of the club offer their heartfelt congratulations to him on this phenomenal achievement. Click here for previous story. However, this time he was not alone, other members of the club also won their divisions, and those that did not win were, on the whole, placed in the top three in their respective divisions.

With the start of the winter season now just around the corner, the club has not only got John and the rest of the summer shooters competing, but also new members who have joined the club, but too late to be trained to a sufficient level in order to compete in the summer competition. With the shooters ages spanning 77 years from the youngest to the oldest, and divisions within the competition to accommodate all levels of ability, we are looking forward to more awards at the end of the season.

As for the prone rifle shooting, we are still able to participate at a club level, and this year we have two junior members shooting in the National Small-bore Rifle association, national counties league, for Sussex. We know they will do their best and do the club and county proud.

With over 112 years of history as a club, and never having been the largest by any means, during those years, we have consistently trained members who have gone on to represent the club, the county and the nation; not bad for small, rural club.

UPDATE: The marvelous story of Johns’ achievement has been picked up by our good friends at “The Outdoor Wire” just click on their name to be taken to the relevant edition. Johns’ story was run on Monday, 6th, hopefully the link will take you to straight to that page. It’s in the features section at the bottom of the page.

Fittleworth returns to Bisley.

For those of you not in the catchment area of the “Chichester Observer” you will not have seen the latest article about our shooters at Bisley. The report was submitted by the new press secretary for Sussex county, and a fine piece it is too. To read the article Click here, you should go to the Chichester Observer site. May I congratulate all those shooters who took part, and especially those who have decided to shoot for our club, taking the name of Fittleworth once again to the home shooting.