Now I am fully aware that there are many, many shooters out there who do not shoot at live quarry, I have no problem with this, each to their own. But this is about much more than hunting or game shooting. If you possess anything from an air pistol upwards, including antique and deactivated firearms, you really do need to be onboard with this campaign.

The website launched by the Countryside Alliance, who are the enablers, are drawing support for this issue from all organisations with an interest in addressing the EU firearms proposals. The main push is coming from FACE UK. FACE is a Europe wide organisation promoting all shooting and the shooting sports. Other members are from the shooting industry and other associated countryside activities. It is worth noting that at this time of writing, neither the NRA (GB), NSRA ior CPSA are given as being part of the group. Let us hope that the NRA are not going to treat this in the same manner that they treated pistol shooters in the 1990’s. These three organisations need to get their cumulative force of membership behind this, to prove shooting is moving forward with a single goal; and are not prepared to sacrifice some, so the remaining few can continue to shoot.

This link Website to lobby MEP’s will take you to the page for more information. Do get involved in this very important campaign, the future is at stake for all shooting in the whole of the EU. It is being presented as a public safety issue, and none of the proposals would make any difference to past atrocities committed by terrorists, but as usual it will have a huge impact on honest, law abiding members over the whole of the EU.

Trying to keep up?

Do you wish you had more information about firearms news? Do you wish your local press would cover the issues that effect you and shooting as a whole? Do you wish your local press was more like the Western Morning News?

With a lack of mainstream local and national press and media covering the EU firearms reforms the WMN is a good source of information. Their current article “Country sports groups put up united front against planned shake-up of Europe’s gun laws” is a good example, click the above link to read more!

Subscrition renewals!

Well there you are again, another year over and done with nearly. I’m in the process of writing to all main members regarding their subscriptions, along with all of their family members. So, you should be getting a letter within the next few days with the full details. Prices are the same as last year in an effort to keep everyone shooting in these trying times.

It would be appreciated if you could let me have all renewals and attendance logs, where applicable, before the end of January 2016. This makes things so much easier for me, and avoids a re-joining fee for the main member.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support, not only of our little club, but also the other clubs that you may belong too. Without your support our sport, and other shooting sports, may well disappear; so thank you, and good luck in new year competitions.

Ruger introduce a new American rim-fire rifle.

I response to customer feedback, Ruger have introduced the Ruger American rim-fire, with an all wood stock.This latest addition to an already popular line of rifles has a hardwood stock, to which is attached the popular .22 bolt action, giving the rifle a traditional appearance, but with contemporary high performance.

Ruger engineers have designed this wood stock to utilise the Power Bedding® (patent pending) integral bedding block system, and free floating barrel that have made the Ruger American Rim-fire rifle family outstandingly accurate.

The rifles attractive wood stock features front and rear sling swivel studs, a metal trigger guard, checkering on the grip and forend, and a rubber buttpad to make for a comfortable 13.75″ length of pull. To learn more about this, the latest Ruger rifle, or other rifles in the Ruger family please visit or

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‘ACPO’ won’t take no for an answer: Shop-a-gun-owner hotline to be relaunched

UK Shooting News

The National Police Chiefs Council has admitted that despite the public backlash over its discredited “shop-a-gun-owner” hotline, which was abruptly dropped last year, it will be relaunched under a new name.

The NPCC is the rebranded Association of Chief Police Officers, which was formally shut down on the orders of Home Secretary Theresa May. The NPCC continues to operate in much the same way that ACPO did.

In the minutes from this February’s meeting, ACPO Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group (FELWG) chair, Chief Constable Andy Marsh, stated he would attempt to re-launch the hotline.

acpo being naughty

The original hotline launch took the licensed firearms community by surprise, as the police chose not to tell anyone of their plans before announcing it in a publicity drive which encouraged the general public to inform on shooters, in a move clearly designed to stigmatise licensed firearms owners. This prompted a massive public backlash led…

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